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Andrew, Dan, and Vivienne

Published by beckatz on November 15th, 2009 - in Family Stories, Video Stories

Andrew, Dan, and Vivienne from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Andrew and Dan met about 8 months after they came out to their families and friends while they were in college. Andrew told his family he was gay before submitting a story about it to a UCLA student publication, and Dan first came out to his grandmother, who was a great source of support from the beginning. Both attended UCLA, and Dan describes leading a double life in college due to the fact that he hid his homosexuality from his fraternity brothers. Today, Andrew and Dan are the proud parents of Vivienne, a vivacious and very bright four-year-old. She is beautiful and articulate. It is obvious that she is thriving in a home full of love, support, and strong family values. Her Papa and Daddy, as she calls them, are your everyday Los Angeles parents who bring their child to school, take her Disneyland and Lego Land. Please watch and enjoy their wonderful story!

Pam and Ann Part 2

Pam and Ann’s Coming Out Stories Part 2 from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Pam and Ann continue sharing their coming out stories and the process that their families went through as they came to terms with their sexualities. Although it took some time, both Pam and Ann have the full support of their families and have started one of their own. Over 23 years, they have built a solid, supportive, and loving family unit including two amazing kids, two dogs, some cats and fish. Pam and Ann share why they love being moms, and their spectacular kids talk about why having two moms is the best! They are all truly fantastic people! Enjoy!

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