Want to share your own coming out story? Here are the guidelines for submitting your story to the I Want the World to Know Initiative:

-Video no longer than 10 minutes
-Video files must be .mov/compatible with Quicktime Player
-Send video file to via YouSendIt or MegaUpload
-MUST sign and send the IWTWTK Release Form to

Guiding Questions:

When did you first realize you were gay/bi/trans/queer?
When did you come out to your family/friends and what were their reactions?
How do you define your sexuality, if you choose to?
What advice do you have for people who are thinking about or in the process of coming out?
What do you love about being gay/bi/trans/queer?

For Parents:

When did you first realize your child might be gay/bi/trans/queer?
What was your initial reaction to your son or daughter’s coming out?
How has your son or daughter’s sexuality affected your life?
Any advice for other parents of LGBT children?

All genders, races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, ages from the LGBTQ community are welcome! This project is about inclusion, so that every person who visits this site can find someone who they can connect with.

Have any comments, suggestions, or questions? Then email I’d love to hear from you!

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12 Responses

  1. andrea says:

    nice going pumpkin. looks like you had a great day.

    love, mumzie

  2. Josh says:

    A nice addition for the help and resources section is a website for younger people

    Its a forum for support and safe, healthy dialogue concerning a vast array of issues for lgbt and even straight teens. :)

  3. Patti says:

    What is the deadline for submitting OUR stories

    • beckatz says:

      There is no official deadline to submit your coming out stories. However, it would be great to receive your video before the holidays! Thanks and share! Everyone has a unique and very meaningful story to share with the world!

  4. Michelle says:

    You ever know deep in your heart where you truly belonged, but have been afraid to show it to the world? I spent most of my life being somewhere everyone wanted me to be. Never being true to myself or where I wanted to be!

    I always caught myself looking and wanting, but never allowing myself to go there. I always knew I loved women… loved the way they looked… the way they smelled… the way they felt… But because I was told I was “straight” I never looked…. I never smelled… or felt….

    This all changed in a kiss… no longer am I afriad to look at a beauiful woman… longer am I afraid to kiss the woman I love… no longer am I afraid to touch her or smell her! I was set free in that one moment, and for that moment I will always be greatful!

    We in this world need to stop judging one another and except us for who we are. NO ONE should have to hide who they LOVE! NO ONE should be afraid to love! This doesn’t define us!

    When I met Amy… I thought nothing of her… one day we started talking and it never ended, when she kissed me for the first time … I came “home” ! I never felt so complete! I got my divorce, my life was turned upside down, but somehow I knew my life was only going up from here. Although being gay does not define who I am, I am not afraid of showing who I love! Although, Amy broke my heart she will always be in my heart and soul, and I will never forget the blessing she gave me!

  5. Vallin says:

    Since 2005 (when I was 44) I’ve been actively bi-paratrexual, i.e. a TG-lover. “Paratrexual” is a word I Bogarted from Atlanta home-grl Renee Reyes at So I now take a convert’s interest in the LGBTQ community. I find digs and “that’s so gay” comments much more offensive now than ever. As a Libertarian I support “gay” rights in the manner that I support all individual rights.

    • beckatz says:

      Thanks for your comment! My goal is to include all types of stories on this site. Thank you for bringing the term, bi-paratrexual, to my attention. I had no prior knowledge about it.

  6. elena says:

    ok so i saw on face book that you did your story and so i rushed….no becca storyl i do watch them all… very moving…but where is yours….x0xoxoxo

  7. Russ says:

    I am gay

  8. Yvettte Cid says:

    My name is Yvette Cid everyone calls me Cid! My coming put story will make you cry, laugh, wonder and more! If you like to hear my story lete know! Everyone said tell Becca so I am! Hope you want to hear it! I came out 20 years ago or I should say I was outst by my kids father! Private detectives, female lovers and more! I have it all!

  9. Hello there. I go through a number of your current alternative content as well as i need to to say thank you for that helpful articles.

  10. Jarod says:

    I would say I am at a crossroads when it comes to the theme of this site, and I have already been the subject of hateful actions. I have been getting a huge amount of encouragement from someone my age that went through a similar trial. I thank God for him.

    I can’t really say when exactly I had my first feelings of affection for another male, but I know it was around age eleven. It was the strangest thing to me, but it didn’t feel “unnatural.” I confessed to a trusted cousin what I was going through and he laughed it off……I suppose he thought I was joking. School was a very lonely experience as I felt I was the only one like me. The fact that I grew up in an extremely homophobic Southern Baptist family didn’t help my anxiety. I was constantly depressed during high school by the fact that my “condition” showed no signs of receeding. I watched as classmates that actually had the courage and conviction to come out were ridiculed and treated like subhumans.

    College has proven to be easier to bear as people are generally more open minded at this level.

    The greatest heartbreak I have suffered due to being bisexual was my falling out with my beloved Scout council. The fall that I graduated high school, I met a guy who I will call John (not his real name.) We hit it off immediately and very much enjoyed each other’s company. Our friendship became much deeper and he implied several times that it could be even more so. He was 18 and I was 19.

    I invited him to work on staff at the Scout camp, where I had worked since my early teen years during the summer. During the time just before camp, he became involved with a girl that had just turned 15. I was of course upset, but my main objection was that she was so young. I made my objections known but he still thought it wise to have irresponsible sexual contact with her. One day at camp, when he was ignoring his duty as a rifle range safety aid and one of the boys had a nearly fatal oversight with a rifle, I lost it. Once the boys had gone I let him have it. I basically said if he couldn’t stop texting his schoolgirl long enough to watch the shooters then he needed to go home. He replied that he was leaving and didn’t wish to see me anymore. All those months of being there for him when he was feeling down due to his family situation, just brushed aside like they meant nothing. I tried for days to get in touch with him but my calls were ignored.

    At this point, due to wanting back on John’s A list, another aquaintance who will be called Matt decided to sweep in for the kill. John told him that we had been in a very emotional relationship over the last five months and Matt decided to turn the entire council against me. He proceeded to slanderize me by telling everyone that I was gay and only was involved with the Scouts to…….well you get the picture. That is, of course, not true. I am attracted to guys but never, in nine years, even had a thought of hurting any of the boys. The council executive decided to run with the story as he and I had certain personal conflicts due to philosophical differences on what Scouting should be.

    He contacted the parents of every scout that I knew personally and spun the same story. Not one of the people that had known me for so many years stood up in my favor. It was at that point that I left, never to set foot on the soil of the camp I grew up in again.

    I suppose my reason for this hellishly long post is to encourage those that face adversity for something over which we have no control. Even though it may seem like every person on earth hates you……..God has put that perfect person out there just for you. The ball is in your court.

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