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John’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

John W. McLaughlin is an out actor based in LA. He starred in “The Golden Gays” in the role of Damian/Dorothy and currently plays the role of Guy in the hit web series, We Have To Stop Now. In addition to being a gifted actor, John is also co-producing (and starring in) “Meth Head,” a feature film. John is an ardent fighter for equal rights and cares deeply about the LGBTQ community. His incredible story is poignant and candid. John takes us to NYC from the north woods of Maine where he grew up. From there he embarks on a journey of self-discovery involving the Juicy Fruit guy, drama school, a move to LA, an addiction to meth, and a remarkable recovery. Please watch John tell his moving story. (It would make a great play! It’s a good thing he’s in the process of writing a one-man-show!) Please visit John’s website,


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Cat’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Cat Davis is a hilarious out stand-up comedian and beautiful, uber-smart gay lady. Her positive energy is contagious, and her humor is both inviting and quick. Cat grew up in Indiana where she encountered a lot of pressure to date boys. In high school, she began to realize that she might be gay but didn’t come out until she was 20 and in college. Cat had a very positive experience coming out at an East-Coast Ivy League university where she was a member of a sorority. She describes the women in her sorority as 100% supportive despite their many diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Cat also talks about the incredibly moving experience of coming out to her grandmother. Cat’s story is both serious and funny, strong and emotional. Please watch her fabulous story and check out her hysterical comedy at:
Cat’s MySpace page
Cat on the Prowl on AfterEllen
Cat on DanceMagic (Brunch with Bridget)
Cat’s Twitter


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Cathy’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Cathy DeBuono, a New York native, is a woman of many talents: she was a volleyball superstar at the University of Kentucky, is a licensed therapist, an incredible actress, AND she created the CDB Network online where women from all over the world can connect and find support. To say Cathy is remarkable is an understatement. She is a great role model for lesbians, young and old, everywhere and takes that job very seriously. Although she is at the forefront of the gay community and is gracing the cover of BOUND, a lesbian magazine from Australia next month, it took years for her to live an openly gay life within her family. Cathy’s mother was very resistant to her daughter’s circle of friends and partners for a long time, which made it impossible to bring her “gayness” home. Today, Cathy’s mother is one of her greatest supporters and even frequents Cathy’s live vlogs on Shewired. Cathy’s beauty is both internal and external, and her honesty is truly inspirational. Please check out her fantastic projects:
We Have to Stop Now
The CDB Network
The Gloves Are Off
What’s Your Problem?
Cathy DeBuono Official Website


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Jill’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Jill Bennett is a gorgeous, talented, and remarkably intelligent out actress in Hollywood. Originally from Indiana, Jill studied theater at Bradley University in Illinois and came out to her friends and family at 19. Although it took her mom a few years to accept her sexuality, Jill, courageously, never made any apologies for living her life the way she knew she should. For this reason, among many, she is a huge role model in the lesbian community. The support and dedication that she has for her many adoring fans proves that she also has an enormous heart. Jill is unafraid of sharing her opinions with the world, which makes her a fearless leader for so many women who are scared to come out. Jill’s story is powerful and inspiring; her tenacity and courage are awe-inspiring, and she is undoubtedly making a huge difference in the world and in the LGBTQ community by simply being herself and fighting for what she believes in. Please watch Jill’s story and check out her incredible projects here:
We Have To Stop Now
The Gloves Are Off on SheWired
Jill Bennett Online

Andrew, Dan, and Vivienne

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Andrew, Dan, and Vivienne from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Andrew and Dan met about 8 months after they came out to their families and friends while they were in college. Andrew told his family he was gay before submitting a story about it to a UCLA student publication, and Dan first came out to his grandmother, who was a great source of support from the beginning. Both attended UCLA, and Dan describes leading a double life in college due to the fact that he hid his homosexuality from his fraternity brothers. Today, Andrew and Dan are the proud parents of Vivienne, a vivacious and very bright four-year-old. She is beautiful and articulate. It is obvious that she is thriving in a home full of love, support, and strong family values. Her Papa and Daddy, as she calls them, are your everyday Los Angeles parents who bring their child to school, take her Disneyland and Lego Land. Please watch and enjoy their wonderful story!


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Bridget’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Bridget McManus is a stunningly beautiful and brilliantly funny lesbian comedian based in Los Angeles. She is fearless on stage, and her humor is both candid and refreshing. She grew up in a suburb of Connecticut and has talked openly about her struggle with weight as a child. Because she was used to being taunted at school about her weight, she refused to let anyone tell her that she was wrong when she realized she was gay. Bridget is a fabulous woman who is proud of who she is and is not afraid to talk about it. She has used her sense of humor and talent to reach people, and it’s no surprise that she has many adoring fans who look up to her. “They” say that laughter is the best medicine, and Bridget definitely understood that from an early age.

Support Bridget by going to her shows, watching her popular vlog “Brunch with Bridget” on, and visiting her websites:

Pam and Ann Part 2

Pam and Ann’s Coming Out Stories Part 2 from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Pam and Ann continue sharing their coming out stories and the process that their families went through as they came to terms with their sexualities. Although it took some time, both Pam and Ann have the full support of their families and have started one of their own. Over 23 years, they have built a solid, supportive, and loving family unit including two amazing kids, two dogs, some cats and fish. Pam and Ann share why they love being moms, and their spectacular kids talk about why having two moms is the best! They are all truly fantastic people! Enjoy!


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Jen’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Jen, a Nebraska native, came out in her late twenties. She grew up in a very Christian family and community without exposure to any gay culture or support networks. When she was 19, she realized that she may have feelings for women, but she didn’t act on them until she was an adult. Jen says that she wishes she had come out earlier, but that now she couldn’t be happier. She has built a beautiful, loving family with her partner, Rho, and has overwhelming support from her family. Her advice to young people is to live their truth, however they may find it.


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Rho’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Rho grew up in Toronto and now lives in Los Angeles with her partner, Jen, and their beautiful daughter, Sophie. Rho first fell in love with a woman when she was 18 while studying French in Montreal but didn’t come to terms with her sexuality until her 20s. She came out to her mother when she was 21 after being in a relationship with a woman for 3 years and then to her brother and father years later, both of whom were very supportive. Although it took many years for Rho to find comfort in her own sexuality, she now lives her life openly. Please watch Rho’s story. She is truly an amazing and brave woman.

Pam and Ann, Part 1

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Pam and Ann’s Coming Out Stories Part 1 from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Pam and Ann live in Los Angeles and have been together for 23 years. They met on a film set in New York city in the 80s and haven’t looked back! They came to discover their sexualities in very different ways and also had very different experiences coming out to their families. Through it all they have stuck together and have built a beautiful relationship and family; they have two amazing kids, Lily and Mason. Pam and Ann founded Harry Dog Productions, a film production company and have been working in the film industry as producers for over 2 decades. Their love is inspirational, and their stories are honest and moving. Watch Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2!

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