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Published by admin on August 16th, 2010 - in Video Stories

Hillary’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Hillary, one of my oldest friends, grew up in a suburb south of Boston. Though we shared our childhood years together, it wasn’t until recently that we both discovered that we were both gay! Therefore, I knew I had to interview her for this project! Hillary had an epiphany at summer camp at age 15 when she discovered that a fellow female camper had feelings for her. She went through the next few years dating both men and women, and she now defines herself as gay. A talented musician, Hillary started writing music as a teenager and was a member of an a capella group in college. She now lives in Brooklyn with her longtime girlfriend and works for Check out Hillary’s story!

Josh, 17

Published by beckatz on August 10th, 2009 - in Video Stories

Josh posted his coming out story on youtube in July of 2008. He’s 17 and currently lives in a small Alabama town with his mother. Josh came out to his mother in the summer of 2007 at age 16 and then and at school the following year. When he finally came out he felt so relieved to be able to be open with himself and everyone around him. For Josh, school has been a roller coaster ride due to homophobic harassment in the form of verbal abuse. Josh is a senior this year and plans to attend college and major in art studio and minor in film. His goal is to use his art and any form of expression to expose people to his life and things so integral to his being such as sexuality. Josh says, “Life is beautiful and we should celebrate its diversity.” Josh is wise beyond his years and very brave. Please listen to his wonderful story.

Fernando, 18

Published by beckatz on July 29th, 2009 - in Video Stories

This is Fernando Menjiva’s story about coming out to his parents. He posted this video on youtube on his 18th birthday on June 15, 2009. Though his family supports him, coming out to them was not easy. As the oldest son, he was expected to “protect” his sister. Also, because Fernando’s parents are divorced, he had to tell them separately. As a child, his father called him “Champion,” but his sister couldn’t pronounce the word and called him “Chappis” instead, which has been his nickname ever since. He has been video-blogging for four years and feels he has improved quite a bit over time. Please watch Fernando’s story. It is truly beautiful. His strength and courage are evident in his remarkable ability to be open about his sexuality at such a young age.

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