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John’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

John W. McLaughlin is an out actor based in LA. He starred in “The Golden Gays” in the role of Damian/Dorothy and currently plays the role of Guy in the hit web series, We Have To Stop Now. In addition to being a gifted actor, John is also co-producing (and starring in) “Meth Head,” a feature film. John is an ardent fighter for equal rights and cares deeply about the LGBTQ community. His incredible story is poignant and candid. John takes us to NYC from the north woods of Maine where he grew up. From there he embarks on a journey of self-discovery involving the Juicy Fruit guy, drama school, a move to LA, an addiction to meth, and a remarkable recovery. Please watch John tell his moving story. (It would make a great play! It’s a good thing he’s in the process of writing a one-man-show!) Please visit John’s website,


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Orlando’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Orlando grew up in a diverse, military community in Colorado. He came out at the ripe age of 13 when he was in 8th grade and dating his first boyfriend that he met in choir. He came out to his mother after his last choir show in middle school, and her response was to not talk about it. In high school, Orlando was completely out and found support in participating in drama, choir, and within his group of friends. To this day, Orlando has yet to introduce a boyfriend to his family because he feels that his relationships haven’t been serious enough to bring home. Please watch Orlando share his story!


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Marti’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Martin Gould Cummings is a New York based actor, director, and LGBT rights activist. Marti has been featured all over the United States in theatre, concerts, and television. Along with his partner, Anthony, they head MGC Productions: Broadway Speaks OUT, in which he hosts a concert series and online talk show to benefit organizations such as Broadway Impact & The Ali Forney Center. This has given Marti the opportunity to raise awareness abut the LGBT community through performing with and interviewing celebrities, politicians, & advocates. Marti is also the host of a new monthly concert series at Vlada Lounge in NYC. Marti is deeply committed to the LGBT movement and the fight for equality, and his passion is evident in all of the work that he does. Please check out all of his projects by visiting the links below:


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Stanley’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Stanley grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, in Westchester County on the border of the Bronx. He came out in the 1970′s and says that the Stonewall riots in 1969 played an important role in how he came to discover his own. sexuality. Stanley, a precocious child, became sexually active at an early age yet didn’t reconcile the physical aspect of being gay with the emotional side until many years later. Stanley also discusses the relationship between the black and gay communities based on his experience growing up gay in an atmosphere heavily inspired by the church. He believes that young people today should look to their elders for support and guidance and that the history of the LGBTQ movement is important to pass on to younger generations.

Jeff, 23

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Jeff’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Jeff is originally from Miami, Florida, and is the youngest of 7 children. Five of his older siblings were born in Haiti, which Jeff describes as a very religious and conservative country. Being gay, he says, is unspeakable in Haiti and people are expected to adhere to their specific gender roles. However, Jeff’s mother and siblings have been incredibly supportive, loving, and accepting from the moment he came out. Jeff graduated from Boston College in 2008 and though he believes that some aspects of the school are closed-minded, he found his niche in the theater and English programs.

Betsy, 26

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Betsy’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Betsy, a Boston native, currently lives in New York City and is about to finish her Masters degree in Educational Theatre at NYU. She first realized she might be gay when she was 14 and wrote it down on a piece of paper in the school nurse’s office, which she still has to this day. However, Betsy didn’t act on those feelings until her freshman year of college. Betsy is now more confident than ever and believes that her sexuality is just a small piece of what makes her who she is.

Jamie, 33

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Jamie’s Coming Out Story from I Want the World to Know on Vimeo.

Jamie McGonnigal grew up in the small town of Marshfield, Massachusetts outside of Boston. He was involved in theater from a very young age and attended the Unitarian Church where he always felt supported. He came out on the night of the Tony Awards in the mid-90s, which he says, “is the gayest coming out story ever.” He now lives in New York City and is a successful actor and social activist for equal rights.

Check out Jamie’s website:

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