Liza and Deb, Part 1

Deb and Liza live together in Cambridge, MA, and are the proud parents of George and Bryn–a German Shepherd and Puerto Rican street dog. They met in 2007 and are planning their wedding for January 2010. Deb, of Chinese and Italian descent, struggled for years with her sexuality and finally came out after college with the help of her co-worker. Her twin brother, Rob, is also gay and their family supports them, though her mother once thought that “Chinese people couldn’t be gay.” Liza also had a difficult time coming to terms with her sexuality. She grew up in New Hampshire where she says there were no out gay people, which made it difficult to be aware that alternate sexualities existed. After graduate school and a lot of soul searching, Liza’s friend advised her to date women, and Deb was the first woman Liza brought home. Needless to say, they have found much support from their families and friends who will all be attending their winter wedding!

Stay tuned to hear Deb and Liza’s proposal story!


One thought on “Liza and Deb, Part 1

  1. Hi,
    I have been patiently awaiting part two of this story. If you could go ahead and post that one on up here, that’d be great! Ok thanks! Also, this site is amazing and you should be so proud of what you are doing here. I think it has the potential to help a lot of people.

    Bloomer’s GF

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