Pam and Ann, Part 1

Pam and Ann live in Los Angeles and have been together for 23 years. They met on a film set in New York city in the 80s and haven’t looked back! They came to discover their sexualities in very different ways and also had very different experiences coming out to their families. Through it all they have stuck together and have built a beautiful relationship and family; they have two amazing kids, Lily and Mason. Pam and Ann founded Harry Dog Productions, a film production company and have been working in the film industry as producers for over 2 decades. Their love is inspirational, and their stories are honest and moving. Watch Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2!


One thought on “Pam and Ann, Part 1

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this video with me.
    I really got a lot of advice from you about coming out.
    You like the role model family for all gay people.
    I wish a lot of happiness for your family.

    I wish I could come out to my parents, especially my mum.
    It’s just so difficult to forecast the reaction and also I dont wanna spoil the relationship with parents and make them strugle because of me. I know that they will always blame themselves for me being not like everydoby. I come out to some of my friends and they are totally fine with it, but parents are the complete different story, as much as they are progressive, we live not in the open gay community and people dont really show they sexuality openely.(I live in Russia)
    I just have so much too lose by telling my parents the truth.
    I’m afraid that they will be trying to change me, to make dating guys, they will prohibit me seing my girlfriend(she is living in a different country and they think she is just my best friend) and not letting me do what I suppose to do in my life..
    Do you think it is a right thing to wait for the moment when I will be financial independent to tell my parents about my sexuality or it’s better to do it as quick as possible, so it will be not that harmful for them?

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