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  • Jill Bennett is an actor and producer living in Los Angeles. Originally from Indiana, Jill studied theater at Bradley University in Illinois and came out to her friends and family at 19. Although it took her mom a few years to accept her sexuality, Jill, courageously, never made any apologies for living her life the way she knew she should. Jill is unafraid of sharing her opinions with the world, which makes her a fearless leader for so many women who are scared to come out. Please watch Jill’s story and check out her projects here:
    We Have To Stop Now
    The Gloves Are Off on SheWired
    Jill Bennett Online

  • 3 thoughts on “Jill

    1. Lovely and inspiring interview!! Jill is an incredible, smart, beautiful woman and it’s always nice to hear her insightful thoughts! Very nice job you’re doing here! kudos!

    2. I admire the strength that comes across as you speak, I wish I could find that and continue to search for it while I follow your career. The small group you hang with has become a very large group and inspiring to see the impact you have on our community big and small. They are watching, they are listening and I wish more were letting you know as I hope you continue the work you are doing and continue to have fun doing it as you seem to, at least from this point of view. Gratitude for the honesty, the courage, the inspiration you push towards the younger crowd. Proud of you and your friends, proud to be a part, even a small one.
      You go Girl!


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