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  • Cathy DeBuono, a New York native, was a volleyball superstar at the University of Kentucky, is a licensed therapist, an actress, and created the CDB Network online where women from all over the world can connect and find support. Although she is at the forefront of the gay community and is gracing the cover of BOUND, a lesbian magazine from Australia next month, it took years for her to live an openly gay life within her family. Cathy’s mother was very resistant to her daughter’s circle of friends and partners for a long time, which made it impossible to bring her “gayness” home. Today, Cathy’s mother is one of her greatest supporters and even frequents Cathy’s live vlogs on Shewired. Please check out her projects:
    We Have to Stop Now
    The CDB Network
    The Gloves Are Off
    What’s Your Problem?
    Cathy DeBuono Official Website

  • 4 thoughts on “Cathy

    1. Truly amazing clip. I have more than respect for Cathy DeBuono, her commitment and intelligence, the warmth in her voice, her honesty and her very well spoken self. She has a very special talent to touch the hearts of the people and connect even through a camera. I’ll always be grateful to have found her work. Thanks for this excellent job you’re doing with these stories.

    2. I have been, was and am even more now, Proud, to call Cathy a friend, even tho out of touch, still watching, trying to make my way back, soon. Cathy does amazing work in our community and with her loving support many will go much further then thy themselves imagined. Generous, Talented, Ferociously Honest, the accolades are many many but none are missed if you pay any attention at all. Thanks Cathy for being in our lives and giving of yourself. You so ROCK!

      Much love,
      Jeannie (websketch)

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    4. Your story was truly inspiring… It reminded me at some points of my own coming out story. The difference is huge though… my mum hasn’t assummed yet that this is not a phase and still finds it difficult to talk about my sexuality.
      I wish there was something I – as a Spaniard – could do to support equal rights in the States. It doesn’t make any sense to me what’s going on at the moment in your country… Hope everything turns out ok at the end.

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