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  • Cat Davis is a hilarious out stand-up comedian and beautiful, uber-smart gay lady. Her positive energy is contagious, and her humor is both inviting and quick. Cat grew up in Indiana where she encountered a lot of pressure to date boys. In high school, she began to realize that she might be gay but didn’t come out until she was 20 and in college. Cat had a very positive experience coming out at an East-Coast Ivy League university where she was a member of a sorority. She describes the women in her sorority as 100% supportive despite their many diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Cat also talks about the incredibly moving experience of coming out to her grandmother. Cat’s story is both serious and funny, strong and emotional. Check out her comedy at:
    Cat on the Prowl on AfterEllen
    Cat on DanceMagic (Brunch with Bridget)
    Cat’s Twitter

  • 3 thoughts on “Cat

    1. Oh I love you Cat, this video made me cry and I felt like you were really talking to me at the end. I am out to my family and a lot of my friends but none of my new friends at University and I am trying to find the courage to tell them and be comfortable with being myself. The advice you gave has made me more encouraged to be myself with them, whether they accept it or not…

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