Lynn and Cathy

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  • In August 2009, actress/vlogger/therapist Cathy DeBuono invited her mother, Lynn, to talk about her experience dealing with Cathy’s sexuality on her live vlog “What’s Your Problem?” When Cathy first came out to her mother, she did not receive the reaction she thought she would get. Lynn was surprised, confused, and angry. She moved through many different stages of grief including feelings of confusion, guilt, and mourning the loss of the child she thought she knew. Though it took her a few years to fully accept and understand Cathy’s life, she is now one of her daughter’s biggest fans! Lynn urges young people to be patient with their families but to never tolerate living in the closet. She believes that everyone should come out and live full, honest lives. Lynn is the perfect example of a parent struggling with their own “coming out” experience: coming out to support and accept their LGBTQ son or daughter. Lynn, you are a true inspiration for everyone! You can watch Cathy’s coming out story here.

  • 4 thoughts on “Lynn and Cathy

    1. I like how Cathy’s mom doesn’t sugarcoat how people’s perception of what is appropriate after coming out. She’s completely straightforward and honest and I think this is a great window into parent’s thought processes during the coming out process.

    2. I appreciate Lynn’s honesty. I think this will be a helpful addition to your website, Becca. As parents, when we’re told by a child that they are gay, it’s helpful to talk or hear about other parents feelings. As supportive as my friends are, it is nice to hear the reaction of someone in the same situation. Great job, Bec. We are sooo proud of you.
      love, Mom

    3. that was great thank you.

      I’m not sure I’d want to build my hopes up for my mother to ever getting to that acceptance stage though. The bad part is that she doesn’t get how much the issue means to me & that I’d push her out of my life over it. Shame really.

      Anyhow, thanks again!

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