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  • Becca grew up in Canton, MA, and now lives in New York City working at a non-profit film production company as an Executive Assistant/Associate Producer. She is the founder of the I Want the World to Know Initiative and is proud to finally share her coming out story with the world at the 10 month anniversary of the website. Becca was lucky in that she faced very few obstacles coming out to her family and friends. However, she recognized that most people are not as fortunate, often being tormented by peers, shunned by their families, or worse. For that reason, she decided to create a space–this website–where people of all sexualities can share their stories and find support. This video project is by far one of the most important and rewarding endeavors Becca has ever taken on. Its goal is not only to provide guidance and support, but also to educate and bring the LGBTQ community together. Becca will continue to share these stories and build this initiative until everyone feels safe to come out.

  • 7 thoughts on “Becca

    1. ok this was oh so beautiful … you made me cry. becca you are so loved and cherished…even when you were a little girl i knew you were special but know the whole world knows what i have known all along… i love you very much..xoxoxo Auntie Elena and Uncle Paul

    2. becca, you are amazing. your story was very enlightening. you are so fortunate to have the wonderful, loving family you do. i know how proud they are of you!

    3. You are so amazing, so very proud to be a part of your life. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out!! xoxo

    4. aww you inspire me i wish my family was supportive like your family.. i came out to my mom about 6 months ago and she hates when my girlfriend comes over or when i say im a lesbian. she supportive in her own way i guess you would say… but still not in the same way your parents support you.. you seem like an awesome girl and im sure you will inspire more and more people it me..

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