The I Want the World to Know Initiative encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning/queer (LGBTQ) individuals from all walks of life to share their coming out stories as a way to defeat homophobia, anti-gay bullying, and teen violence and suicide.


This initiative is inspired by two young boys–Carl Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera, both 11-years-old–who took their own lives in April 2009 as a result of constant bullying and name-calling. Their bullies used the words, “gay” and “fag,” to make both boys feel ostracized, excluded, and humiliated. Regardless of their sexualities, the world needs to know that using homophobic harassment has to stop now.


1) Reach youth and young adults who are struggling with their sexualities and who believe their feelings are wrong or bad. The idea is to create a place where LGBTQ people can share their stories in order to inspire others to discover their true potentials as human beings.

2) Have an international impact by reaching well-known out media personalities. With the help of a strong LGBTQ network, this initiative will take flight and garner the attention from the youth who need it most.

3) Stop the hatred and homophobia that exists today. By sharing stories, people relate to one another. It is how we come to understand and sympathize with people who we may not have connected with before. If everyone takes the time to listen, then perhaps we can all begin to acknowledge the beauty in being different.

7 thoughts on “About IWTWTK

  1. Becca,
    I think all the work you’re doing is wonderful. Keep up the amazing effort and more power to you.

  2. Thank you. The stories are heartbreaking, beautiful, and hopeful. This has been really helpful and I hope to use it as a tool as a go through this process.

  3. Dana and I just read your story. I remember your stories about your teacher! Knowing you are so happy now, makes us happy. You are so much stronger now. We love you!

  4. I hope more people learn about this website. It is very raw, powerful, and most importantly, it is real. There is not enough reality today, and truth, and words right from the heart are rare, but those words are what really plants someone in their place. Alright, alright, sorry for all that mushy crap. Thank you for creating this very beneficial, insightful website.

  5. As a PFLAG mom and Board member, I can say that I believe there’s no more important website than this one. Your Facebook page is a daily supply of important and interesting news, and you are obviously an incredible and talented young woman. Please add a book to your excellent book list: “The Transgender Child” by Rachel Pepper and Stephanie Brill is thoughtful, complete and easy to digest. Best wishes to you; your talent will carry you to special places.


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