The I Want the World to Know Initiative would not be possible without the following supporters:

Alissa Brodsky
Allison Conti
Amy Menkin and Justin Pappas
Andrea, Harvey and Michael Katz
Bekah Gilbert
Betsy Goldman
Bianca Franco
Carl and Dayle Solomont
Cathy and Lenny Polivy
Charles River Media Group
Claire and Steve Stearns
Cindy Stewart
Debbi and David Cohen
Donna and Rich Sandler
Elena Malin-Katz and Paul Katz
Eli Marschner
Eren Gulfidan
Eva Skillicorn
Freda and Norman Katz
George Rausch
Howard Woolf
Inbar Sharon
Jaclyn Shuman
Jacqueline Houton and Elio Maggini
Joy and Larry Katz
Laura Janowitch
Leslie and David Stearns
Lisa Keller
Lisa and David Rothstein
Liz Barragato
Lynn Goldsmith and Jim Guttmann
Marcia and Paul Schneider
Martha Shay
Megan Ault
Michelle and Phil Furman
Rhonda, Steve and Ted Silverman
Richard and Alison Cohen
Sally and Ryan Merritt
Sandi and Bruce Katz
Sharon and Michael Kahn
Sheena Keller
Shelley Cohen
Stephanie Sherrin
Steve Thomas
Sue Holstein

In loving memory of Katie Thompsen, my surrogate mother, sister, and friend.

4 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. I just wanted to to thank you for this great website. I think it’s wonderful that someone thought of this and I believe it can help people in places you haven’t even thought of. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching more stories and thanks.

  2. I agree with Loana. This website is so inspirational, and provieds people with such a wide variety of coming out stories, and really gives people an insight as what to expect if they choose to come out to their family or friends.
    Thanks very much, the site is very helpful!

  3. First of all, I’d like to thank everybody participating in this website; you guess helped me through an extremely rough part of my life… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    All the coming out stories played a huge part in my acceptance of my own sexuality; they helped me relate and understand myself – without this website, I suppose that years would have gone by before I would have realized who I really am. So again, I thank you with all my heart!

    I’m glad to see that so many new people have chosen to share their own story with the world, because I know that it is a great help for so many people, both straight and gay and everything in between. I only hope that this site will gain even more visitors and attention soon!
    10000% support from Denmark! ❤

  4. I am so grateful to you all for leaving such touching comments. Christina, your comment brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that these stories were able to help you realize that your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and should be embraced! Thank you for watching. You are all part of this project, and I am so lucky to receive the incredible support from you all around the globe. THANK YOU!

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